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Enrolling is easy! Start here to enroll for healthcare, insurance and Flex Spending Account benefits — or just check out the menu of plan options and costs.

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Your personalized Compensation + Benefits report is now posted. You may notice this is a bit of a time delay. That’s because the retirement data lags by one quarter and we’ve designed the online TCR to reflect the same time period for your pay and all of your benefits.

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Has your address or phone number changed?

Be sure to let us know!
The quickest way is on the Cedars-Sinai intranet:
> Click SERVICE CENTER (at the top)

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Name (or update) your beneficiaries

You can review and update your beneficiaries on the following websites yourself. Or if you'd prefer, call and have the phone representative update your beneficiaries for you (...

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The Importance of Saving Early

Finding the extra income to put aside for your future is often hard to do, but you really can't afford to wait. Your 403(b) Plan and other personal savings along with your Social Secur...

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